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22 pages • 14 poems
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I used to get angry looking for Mother’s Day cards. None reflected my reality. Complex and conflicted. That was my relationship with Mom.

Quite dramatically, near the end of her life, I had a huge, emotional download. I was anxious and driven. I could not stop the words, scribbling on scraps of paper, restaurant napkins, crying into a digital recorder. Once I hid in the bathroom to dictate my poetry, not wanting to worry my already alarmed husband.

As my Mother began to decline, I chose to share most of these poems with her. Their effect on both of us– the understanding, love, and surrender – was startling and unforeseen. It has made living much easier for me.

Only days after her death, I heard Mom’s voice in my head: Now you can publish your poetry. And so I did.

linda athis


Linda Athis earns a living as a freelance business writer. She longs for the day when her biggest paycheck comes from her own creative writing.

The author has had many identities: Janitor, waitress, actress, appliance saleswoman, Avon lady, business executive, wife. As evidenced by her poetry, she is also a reformed rebellious daughter.

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